The Class Library for the IUA

The Class Library for the IUA Tutorial (ICL) describes a C++ class library designed for programming the SIMD layer of the IUA for image processing and image understanding applications. The ICL has proven general enough that it has been successfully implemented on other massively parallel SIMD processors. The IUA Class Library was originally developed at the University of Massachusetts by James H. Burrill.

To learn more about the IUA Class Library, start with the tutorial. The table of contents may be used to go directly to a section of the tutorial while the index may be used to find occurrences of keywords. You may find out more about the author from the Credits. A postscript file of the older, printed tutorial may be obtained from here.

Three implementations of the IUA Class Library were developed. One implementation is written using standard C++ classes and runs on sequential UNIX workstations. This version allows people to test their applications without having access to an IUA. A second version generates a CAAPP instruction stream. The third version also generates a CAAPP instruction stream but uses a modified Gnu C++ compiler (104,607 bytes) to specially handle the new classes and generate optimized code.

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James H. Burrill
August 12, 1994